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What People Are Saying about Musical Moments with Nancy

""Nancy has brought an extremely well-planned and creatively executed curriculum - music and movement experience - to our school. Not only is the program incredible, but she can provide quarterly parent workshops and teacher trainings to instruct adults as well. This helps us use her curriculum better in the classroom and allows the parents to follow along better with their children; a truly wonderful program!"


- Jenn Turner, Director, Children's Creative Learning Center

""I feel that this music program has been an excellent developmental tool as it encourages self-confidence, music appreciation and cooperation with others."


- Julie Pera, Parent

"My daughter loves when you sing...and play your guitar. She sings all day long to us on Tuesdays."

Sherry Snyder, Parent

"I love Miss Nancy's songs and dancing." 


- Victor, 4 year old

"As a teacher, I love the way your program enhances their learning."


- Jennifer King, J. Pre-K Teacher

"Miss Nancy has a flair for making children's music come to life! I often find myself getting carried away right along with the children!"


- Terri Langdon, Pre-K Teacher